Zsuzsanna Jakabos is told exclusively to Swim4life. The Champion with the ice blu eyes!

Zsuzsanna Jakabos is told exclusively to Swim4life.
The Champion with the ice blu eyes!

DSC_0134Recall the interview with Zsuzsanna Jakabos, published yesterday, after introducing the preview of the same article of October 3rd. Today we publish the second and final part of the entire interview with the Hungarian champion:  Jakabos opens completely to tell her and not just swimming, all exclusive to Swim4life!

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What other passions do you have? What do you like?

I like photo shooting. Not just as a model, but as a photographer too. I love to sunbath also. I can lay under the sun for days… Travelling is also one of my passion. It is great that I can travel a lot by swimming. I have tried wake boarding this summer, and I love that so much that I decide it was not the last time. I like music and movies too.

What kind of music do you listen? Do you have a pre-challange session?

I love music. My all time favourite is Nelly Furtado. She always renews her music and style. I don’t have pre-challenge session, usually i have recent-favourites which I stucked by. After that I change them.

DSC_0056Do you like movies? What kind do you prefer?

I like movies too. My favourites is: Batman – The Dark Knight, I can’t wait the next episode. another is the Fight Club. I think nowadays less and less good movies are in cinemas, but I find one time after time

What pleasure do you do when you go out with friends?

Sometimes we play bowling in a place, where the lights go down, and only UV lights shows court. We like playing kinect games together, also. But most of the time we just have conversation, because I can’t see them too much because I don’t have enough time besides the swimming and school.

What studies have you done?

I am attending to a Wekerle Sandor University and studying market, PR, and Human Resources.

What would you like to do after you stop swimming?

jakabos_zsuzsanna3As I said, if I will have opportunity, I want to work in fashion life. If not, I hope I will have a job with my education, and having a happy life. I don’t have exact plan yet. I don’t know what future brings, so I can only try my best in all situations.

It is clear that you enjoy fashion. It’s another way you’d like to go with success in your life or you do it just for fun?

I would be very happy if I could have some success in that. I have had some model job but I don’t have enough time for that. I should spend more time for that, and put more energy in it. But now I am a swimmer, so I have to decide. Maybe I will be too old for the model world after I stop swimming, or maybe I am already. I don’t know. I like fashion world, and I hope I will be a part of it some day, somehow.

Zsuzsanna Jakabos would like to have a family and children a day, or prefer to travel the world?

I want both! I don’t think I should choose. I can travel with my family too, anyway. I don’t think travel would worth anything, if I can’t share it with those i love.

Of all the cities you visited, which do you prefer and why?

My favourite city is Rio de Janeiro. I love the beach, the weather, and the atmosphere. in this October, I am going to Florida for training camp. I want to visit Miami, so Rio’s place is in danger.

If you were to be transferred out of Hungary, where would you like to live?

Anywhere, but there has to be a sandy beach, and all year warm weather.

Change topics. Emotionally and physically, you like Italian men, or do you prefer your countrymen? Or maybe you prefer other nationalities?

It does not depends on the nationality. Mainly this is about attitude and aura.

Temperamentally, you will feel more introverted and reserved person, or more expansive and sociable?

I am very introverted. Maybe you think the opposite of that, but that is the true. I am afraid of strangers, and because of that I am not sociable at all. I am not unfriendly, I am just afraid.

And how did you emotionally? Are you the type to sweet cuddle, or do you like to be more passionate?

I am not passionate, I am very rarely have arguments. I try to get well with the people around me, and be calm and kind. That’s how I am.

Do you prefer skirts or pants?

Definitely pants. I don’t like skirts. almost never use that.

What do you say when you meet your fans?

I usually answer what they ask. Mainly about my trainings, my competitions. I am very thankful them for the support. It always gives me extra power and motivation if someone stranger say some kind words to me on the street.

Gian_Mattia_DAlberto__lapresseLet’s go back to swimming. What results do you hope to achieve in your career and what you aim for London 2012?

I don’t like speak about my hopes and dreams, because I am afraid it won’t come true if I say things about them. So my goal for London is a personal best time, and as good place with that as possible. Of course, I have a secret dream about London… otherwise I am glad with my career so far. of course, some competitions could be better, but that’s part of the game.

How do you feel when you’re in the water (photo to right of Gian Mattia D’Alberto – lapresse)?

I need the water. I love to be in water since I was a child. That is a part of me.

What do you think of the field of swimming masters and those who practice it?

I can’t imagine myself as a master swimmer. I respect them, because they follow the hard practices even through their life. But I think if I quit the world of swimming, I won’t feel the need to go back and compete again.

How do you imagine in 20 years on?

If every things go well, I will spend my life what I love, and be a part of a beautiful family. and I will have a dog for sure!

Want to add something to the interview? Say hello to all the Italian fans and admirers?

Yes, I want to say hello all of them, and thanks for all the support and cheers. I will meet them more than ever, because I will spend more time in Italy than ever. A brand new alternative-fitness company choose me as face of their new brand. So we will meet soon!

And Swim4life salute Zsuzsanna Jakabos which was very nice and very helpful in making this interview! We were lucky enough to know the girl behind the athlete and was a really nice and interesting interview with this knowledge and share it with pleasure with all our readers! Surely all Italians, are eager to find in Italy!

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