World Masters Championship, the showdown! After the crazy numbers, they await the start-list.

World Masters Championship, the showdown!
After the crazy numbers, they await the start-list.


Paco Clienti.
There was great excitement in these last days before the start of the World Masters Championship will be on air in the Swimming Stadium of Riccione, on June, 9 to 17. Great anticipation, curiosity and excitement, but also great astonishment by the participants for the change of the program of the Open Water races! Yes, the race in open water of 3 km, which was to be held on Sunday, June 17, as planned, it was divided into two days races. The first day will be held Saturday, June 16 and will involve competing athletes male and female categories from M40, which will start in the first wave, to the M25 that will close the last wave, the Sunday, June 17, there will be races for all male and female athletes for the categories from M85 to M45.

Many have been in turmoil for this variation, and in effect, without any analysis or consideration to long-range, and then watching only their own needs, seems to be absurd. But in reality it is not.

Why this change and why at the last minute?


Do not forget that the World Masters Championship in Riccione, will be a historic event for swimming, not only for the Masters, but in general for all the aquatic world! We must understand that over 30,000 races aren’t a few number, and handling of a presence so high it becomes really difficult.
FIN and FINA are excited for this great and historic success, but alarmed and concentrated too, to study the best way to not trip over any kind of difficulty.
The race in the sea is mainly related to the safety of athletes and FINA is literally opposite to manage in a single day of competition with 2.329 members!
Yes, these are the precise numbers of athletes who will be engaged in the sea for 3 km and more percentage of athletes just starting out with this kind of experience, which increases the difficulty of management. Do not know what it’s appeal athlete for a race, not to imagine what it means to prepare, the assignment of numbers and recognition athletes, the technical meeting, the wave of departure, and other aspects that make the experience for those who participate in races sea, makes it much more difficult to manage an event of this magnitude! From these considerations and the incredible numbers, they came to the inescapable conclusion to vary the program and divide the open water event in two days, first and foremost for the safety of athletes.


Everything is designed wisely, location, depth, competition area, to minimize the risks and they did so again in thinking about the change to the schedule to be made about a month after the event.
Important consideration is that some athletes for 3 km into the sea are also enrolled in the 400 freestyle race, which will be held on Saturday. How do you combine the two races?
3 km into the sea will begin with the departure of the M40 to the first wave, expected at about 8.30 a.m. and the race is finished by 9.30 or so. At that time the 400 freestyle will begin starting with the highest categories, namely the M90 ​​and down depending on the number of members, it is expected that the category M40 will be called in the late morning or even in the early afternoon, but certainly with a rest of at least 3-4 hours after the end of the race into the sea! Better yet for the other category from M35 to M25, which should compete in the afternoon. No problem then to combine the coincidence of both races!

In any case, unfortunately, given these numbers, you could not do otherwise in a situation that is clearly an emergency, where we are expecting a large turnout, but not these incredible numbers, and where by virtue of what you have to look at safety first !

As for hotel accommodations, remember that those who contact the agency reported on the official website of the World Master Championship (click here), has yet possible to book without any problems.


After this boom exploded for master to Riccione in 2012, unprecedented, have already started due consideration by the organizers of the FINA organs wich has already decreed that never again will such a thing happen. There will be more limits and probably a limited number of participants, to limit attendance to a manageable number, without too many problems.

However, those who will not be able to participate in the race Open Water 3 km, will be able to withdraw from registration with the right to a refund of entry fee on race in question, communicating by May 27 to ‘email address

Given the large numbers, we give some important information for the arrival in Riccione.

Credit for the athletes.
Will be available in multiple gate to credit the athletes who will be at the check-in desk equipped with:
– Printing of communications received to e-mail with confirmation of the FINA and participant code;
– Valid ID with photo clearly visible;
– Form intake and discharge responsibilities already signed in the coming days will be available at the FINA Masters Championship.

They do not need a pass for access to the location and you should not get proper credit.

Use of the pool for athletes
Remember that only the athletes involved in the race each day will have access to the pool for heating. Who races on Wednesday, so for example, can access the same heating only on Wednesday!
Remember too that the pools of the Swimming Stadium in Riccione will be available to all athletes registered by the end of the races of the day, until 9.00 p.m..


JimMontgomery   Start-List events and schedules
The day of the long-awaited start-List is near and will be published within the next ten days, presumably between Monday May, 21 and Wednesday, May, 23. The publication of news you read on
In a few days will also be available on the FINA Masters, a section for the control of the entries so that each athlete can see if your registration is correct and insertion events.
The time table will define only the beginning of each day of the event and all the races will go on until the end of the day without stop.

Curiosity about the participants
Greater participation in this World Masters Championship of many former athletes and former World Champion and Olympic Champion! There are lots of big names and amazing that will show in Riccione do list would make the article a novel! But just to give the idea of ​​the level that we will be in the pool and to give a preview to our readers, so we used them as well, we anticipate the participation of the U.S. James “Jim” Paul Montgomery (pictured right) which will fall in cat. M55, gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, in the 100 freestyle, in the relay 4×100 medley, 4×200 freestyle and great protagonist of the U.S. National World Championship in Belgrade in 1973, Cali in 1975 and Berlin in 1978, with titles won in the 100 and 200 freestyle and with the relay! Jim Montgomery was the first man to dip under the wall of 50″ in the 100 freestyle, on July, 25, in 1976, in the Montreal Olympics and also the first to drop below 51″ in a year earlier!

All that remains is to dream the beginning of this stellar event, pending the arrival actually to cross the Swimming Stadium in Riccione!


Paco Clienti

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