Zsuzsanna Jakabos is told exclusively to Swim4life – The Champion with the ice blu eyes!

Zsuzsanna Jakabos is told exclusively to Swim4life
The Champion with the ice blu eyes!

copertina_1Monday, October 3rd, we introduced a preview of the interview with Zsuzsanna Jakabos.Today we publish the first of two parts of the whole interview with the Hungarian champion, was made available exclusively for Swim4life!

Currently your life is busy between swimming and fashion, but let’s take a step back in time. You were born in Pécs, a small town in Hungary. How did you live your first year of life and how you grew up in the reality of Pécs, then?

I think that was a perfect place to grow up. It is very different to live in small town, but you can learn a lot of things there at young age, such as loyalty, integrity, and respect.  I am very thankful for that I could spend my childhood at Pécs.

_B7P1548At what age did you start swimming and why?

Was 8, when I started to learn how to swim. My parents bring me to the pool, because everyone has to know swim.

Who has noticed right away that you had a gift of nature for the swimming?

My first coach in Pécs noticed my talent, his name is Dr Petrov Anatolij. Anyway, he was my coach for more than 10 years.

How did you feel your first experience in the Hungarian Championship at just 14 years? You are also able to reach a final …

Sorry,but I don’t remember that. I had so much competitions and practices behind, that some things just becoming forgotten

In 2004 you participated at the Athens Olympics! How was that experience?

I was very young, only 15 years old. In that time, that was just a very big competition for me. I did not have enough international experience neither. I was not mature enough. I was just watching the whole crowd, the big athletes and I didn’t feel like I was one of them. I was not able to admit all the feelings, experience, mood, and spirit what the Olympics give. That changed a lot for Beijing 2008. I appreciate a lot more that games.

Your family follows you at the races abroad?

It is a rare occasion. Earlier they come with me to the meets, which was

not that far, for example the countries next to Hungary, and they tried to be there as much competitions as they could. Nowadays they only come for the national championships.

Your reputation is well known and many admire you, for your beautiful smile and your body like a TOP model too! You feel too observed in the pools by photographers and journalists who are poolside?

Thank you! I don’t feel too observed. I like when photographers making pictures of me. I enjoy that, and I think everyone can see it. Of course, I feel uncomfortable this all, when I am doing my pre-competition routine. Too much attention can be disturbing me in the focusing, but I have to deal with it. Any other time is ok.

How many times a swimmer has tried to conquer a poolside? Your father is jealous of his beautiful daughter?

No, not at all. He is very proud of me, and my results, as all of my family.

jakabos_zsuzsanna9And your boyfriend? You jealous?

Just a little. He is a swimmer too, so he knows what it is all about. We are in the same team, and we are able to go to the events and training camps together. We help each other in the daily routine and in the competitions too. We take delight in each other successes.

How much time do you spend each day to swim?

I have a 90 minute-dry land session, and a little bit more than 2 hour swimming practice in the morning, and one more swimming training in the afternoon. So it is more than 6 hour training each day, except weekend.

The interview ends here, for now. We will continue tomorrow with the last part, so do not miss it!

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